Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

If you need to leave your dog for a long period of time, you can leave it at pet boarding facilities. A boarding facility is different from a pet sitter, because you leave your dog at a place with trained staff that monitors its needs round-the-clock. Rather than simply letting the dog loose in the house, the staff will give your dog the care it needs and make it feel comfortable and safe.

Pet boarding can be beneficial for pets with special needs. Whether they are young, old, or have special medical needs, boarding can provide your pets with a great deal of attention and socialization. Young pets often do better in a pet boarding environment because they receive social attention and potty breaks while in a new environment. If your pet is destructive or prone to separation anxiety, boarding may be the best option.

While it’s tempting to leave your pet with a friend, the reality is that this can be a stressful time for your pet. In addition to the stress of being separated from its owners, the experience of boarding can also increase the risk of catching infectious diseases. If you’re worried about leaving your pet alone, check whether the pet boarding facility has a vaccination policy and requires your dog to be vaccinated prior to accepting it.

Before leaving your pet at a kennel, take the time to learn about the business and the owners. A reputable boarding facility will require core vaccinations, including heartworm prevention. Some even connect to a veterinary hospital. Having a veterinary staff available to help with emergencies is a huge bonus. Choosing a boarding facility that is connected to a veterinary hospital is also a great idea.

A good pet boarding facility should be clean and uncluttered, and safe for both humans and your pet. When you visit a pet boarding facility, pay attention to how the staff treat your dog. If your dog appears distressed or anxious during your visit, it may be a sign of anxiety. Check for signs of anxiety like trembling, tail tucking, panting, and reduced activity. You may want to consider a different option if you can’t afford a professional.

In addition to the above, you should also take into account the level of service you expect from a pet boarding facility. The more personalized the service is, the more likely it will be comfortable for your pet. A home-like setting will make your pet feel better and be less stressful. Visiting hours can be flexible to suit your needs and avoid any stressful situations for you and your pet. The Ark Red Bank is one such pet boarding facility.

The Perfect Pooch provides cage-free boarding near Central Park. Pick-up and drop-off within a 20-block radius of the boarding facility is also available. Your pet should feel comfortable while staying at a boarding facility, and if it isn’t, you can look for another one. Paws in Chelsea, a renowned pet boarding facility in the metropolitan area, prides itself on providing personalised service and a home-like environment.

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