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Fatigue is often overlooked as a simple stress that you can recover from. In fact, you can’t just use fatigue as an excuse of not being able to do your task well nor seek for a leave just so you can rest. Your employer might even decide to remove you from your post if you keep on excusing yourself over fatigue.

But what is really a fatigue? Is It just merely psychological that you feel tired and sleepy all the time? Or is fatigue a severe case of illness that will harm you if you continue to ignore it? There are various contributors to fatigue. One is when you lack physical exertion or body movements. This happens when you work straight hours just by sitting and in front of your computer. Another is when you always lack enough sleep. If you won’t be able to sleep on the required hours, your body will really get tired and you feel light. This might even get worse if you still continue to have that lack of sleep. Fatigue is even linked to your weight. Obesity or overweight can lead to fatigue. Believe it r not, boredom also triggers fatigue.

Once fatigue gets in your system, you will really have problems with it. There is severe illness that come from too much fatigue. Your organs are affected, your overall health is compromised. And yet, there are still those who chose to ignore the severity of fatigue.

But nowadays, with so much effort on research about fatigue and other cases similar to it such as fibromyalgia and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The reason for this is to stop ignoring the facts that these cases can lead to dysfunctionality of a person that will result to the person’s disability state. Yes, you heard it right. By having any of these, you can be considered a person with disability. But since not all are inclined in welcoming this fact, more researchers help people with such disabilities in order for them to have the benefits that they can get once they are diagnosed.

So how do you know if you are one of these people who are already suffering from such disability? First of all, you need to get tested. This is where you will need the cardiopulmonary exercise testing or the so-called CPET. This test will help determine and measure whether the person can actually function in a working environment. Your fatigue and functional capacity is being measured through CPET.

There are nonprofit organizations that offer this type of test to help those who are compromised and not being able to function well on their work and day-to-day tasks. You need to get tested because they are partnered by medical professionals to ensure that the tests taken are legit and valid. Not only that, this type of organization also has a legal team that will assist you on how to obtain the benefits due to your disability. These people will help you overcome your current state and ensure that you will have the best support and assistance as a person with disability.

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